The Benacosaurus Lacustris is an aquatic being (or monster) invented by Thomas Brenner, the founder of Bthemonster. The monster of lake garda
The invention is based on a wealth of sightings (perhaps real, perhaps presumed) of a monster, or of, in any case, an enormous lake monster, whose home is in the waters of Lake Garda.
His “scientific” name derives from the Latin name of Lake Garda which is Benacus, and that’s why the monster is commonly known as Bennie.


There have been sightings from the 16th century onwards, leading up to present day, especially in the years between 2000 and 2013. Such sightings were all in the part of the lake between the Bay of Salò and San Felice, on the west side, and in the Baia delle Sirene, between Torri del Benaco and Garda, on the east side. Furthermore, people say that he actually lives in deep caves situated below the Isola del Garda, which is off of San Felice.


One presumes that the animal lives in the depths of Lake Garda, which is the largest lake in Italy, boasting a maximum depth of 346 meters and a surface area of 368 square kilometers. The lake borders on three regions: Lombardy (province of Brescia), Veneto (province of Verona) and Trentino Alto Adige (province of Trento). The origins of Lake Garda, in terms of its formation, can be traced back to approximately 15,000,000 years ago, following four glaciations which modeled the current basin of the lake. The glaciers would first retain and then release huge amounts of debris. The accumulation of sand, gravel, etc. then formed what is today’s morainic amphitheater situated to the south of Lake Garda. In many ways Lake Garda is similar to Loch Ness of Scotland, which is famous for its presumed sightings of mythic Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness. Lake Garda is also similar to Lake Como, in Lombardy, where there is apparently another such monster, called Lariosaurus.

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Literature and media

Already in the early 16th century, a historian by the name of Bongianni Gratarolo narrated about huge aquatic creatures in his “Historia della Riviera di Salò”, and he explains that they live in a labyrinth grotto submersed in the lake.

In recent years there have been numerous and prolific publications reporting a number of sightings, to the point that, in January 2013, Marco Berry, in his show called “Mistero” on Italia UNO, gave full coverage of the Lake Garda monster story.

Even the CICAP or “Comitato Italiano per il Controllo delle Affermazioni sul Paranormale” (Italian Committee for Controlling Statements on the Paranormal) became involved in this phenomenon. However, they completely deny the possibility of Bennie’s existence,just like Nessie? we don’t.

Today Bennie, defined as the “Lovable Monster of Lake Garda”, is the protagonist of a series of adventures in which he directly witnesses important historical events occurring on the shores and surface of the lake: the events are narrated by Bennie himself, in a literary form which is, although similar to fairy tales, rather reliable from a historic point of view.

Consequently this series of narratives is very valuable for both adults and children, even small children, for learning a great deal about the area. Leonardo Prandini is the author of the tales, which constitute wonderful descriptions of Lake Garda, such as its geological formation, the presence of palafitte cultures, Roman villas, and the importing of lemon cultivation to create beautiful citrus groves on the West Coast. Text Ilaria Togliani.


Morphology and characteristics

People say that said creatures have morphological characteristics which are rather similar to each other, and that all three of them come from the same family of prehistoric fauna.

According to the descriptions given by occasional witnesses, it seems that the Benacosaurus Lacustris is about 5/8 meters long and it’s shape is something like a snake, however with a very large belly. It has four large fins, two in the front and two in the back, which make the Benacosaurus Lacustris, or Bennie, an excellent swimmer, not to mention his bilobate tail.

As opposed to his cousin Nessie, Bennie has long whiskers on the sides of his mouth, similar to those of catfish and other freshwater fish. Along his back, leading all the way to his tail, he has a sort of a sinuous crest made of translucent membrane upheld by cartilage fiber.

His skin is shiny and has no scales, but he does not have a strong jaw, since he is mostly herbivorous. Actually, he feeds mainly on algae and small fish. Until present he has apparently never been considered as being dangerous to mankind, showing a docile character.

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