Who is Bennie

The term Benacosaurus Lacustris is the monster’s (Legend,Dino,Mascot) “scientific” name, deriving from the Latin name of the lake, Benacus. The monster is referred to as Bennie. The official monster of lake Garda.

His morphologic characteristics are very similar to those of the monster of Loch Ness and of Lake Como.     
Indeed, people say that all three monsters descend from the same family of prehistoric animals.

Judging from the descriptions made by occasional witnesses, it appears that the Benacosaurus Lacustris
 measures approximately 7/8 meters in length, and has a snake-like form.


He has never represented any threat to human beings. He is having a rather docile character.

But he has a great big belly, and four large fins, two front and two back, which make him an excellent swimmer, not to mention his bilobate tail.

His skin is shiny and without scales, and he doesn’t have many teeth, because he mostly feeds on algae and small fish. Indeed, until present he has never represented any threat to human beings, having a rather docile character Exist or not?  

And if you see something strange around Lake garda please post it on our fanpage!  

One presumes that the animal lives in the depths of Lake Garda, which is the largest lake in Italy, boasting a maximum depth of 346 meters and a surface area of 368 square kilometers.

The lake borders on three regions: Lombardy (province Brescia), Veneto (province Verona) and Trentino Alto Adige (province Trento).

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This legend exist for more than 500 years! News papers – Online – Television – Youtube – lots of testimonies of Bennie.

Italian Committee for Controlling Statements on the Paranormal is a non profit, scientific and educational organization that promotes scientific and critical research on pseudoscience, the paranormal, mysteries and strange phenomena. Here what they found out about Bennie the lovable mascot of Lake Garda.

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