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Official website of Bennie the lovable monster in lake Garda.

We believe that in the depths of the lake there might be a creature of extraordinary dimensions, which, however, has never been seen by man. 

According to us, Lake Garda, intensely visited by people from all over world, bordering on 3 regions have now its own Mascot.

Thomas Brenner

Ceo & Founder

Bthemonster was founded in 2017 by Thomas Brenner tour guide and lives around lake Garda. He heard about this monster, living in the lake. And that gave him the idea to start the official website. Thomas created this version of Bennie on the last 500 years of witnesses. Let the public know about this legend. Thomas wants to give Bennie the public respect he deserve.

I was born in Copenhagen, have a Danish mother and a German father. I speak Italien, Danish, English, German well.  I am very energetic, open, honest person with great ideas, and difficult to follow. There is a reason for everything in life.

My team is small and the secret weapon is Arc.Ilaria Togliani & Daughter and not many would help or give feedback like a family. I work or worked with companies who believed in this project. I don’t have a sponsor, i work full time as tour guide, so i can pay for this dream. I work alone on this project for more than 2 years, and it takes all my free time.

My webshop is growing, safe, and clear. We are a small company with heart. When you buy one of our products, it will help us tell the world about Bennie. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


He has never represented any threat to human beings. He is having a rather docile character.

My Motto: be different. have fun, learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect.

Help me. tell the story about. Bennie the lovable monster of lake Garda. Good hunting.

Bthemonsters Collaborators

Thomas Brenner owner of the Bennie universe.

Help from Oscar in Denmark.

The stories of Bennie: Max Leonardo Prandini from Bolzano. 

Pictures for stories of Bennie Nr. 1/2/3/4: Mattia Franceschini.

Colouring stories of Bennie Nr. 2/3/4. Still in the making.

Translation German Nr.1/2/3/4: Simona Nardi from Bolzano.

Translation English Nr.1/2/3/4: Karen Anderson from England living at lake Garda.

Translation Danish Nr.1 : Linda Kirkegaar.

Publisher and curator: Bthemonster

Copyright All Books: Bthemonster

Souvenirs (not 100%) – Dimeno S.r.l Verona. Idea Bthemonster.

Bennie Costume – Starlights S.r.l.s Saturnia .  Idea Bthemonster.

Bennie Rubber Mask – Valentino Piantavigna di Verona. Idea Bthemonster.

Ilaria Togliani assistant & wife and co.owner of Bthemonster.

Graphic work, publisher, marketing strategy. Ilaria Togliani and Thomas Brenner.

StudioDan :3D model of Bennie.

Design and Toys Design.

Founded in 1999 by Rodolfo De Bernardi (Architect – Polytechnic University of Milan) e Fabio Dal Molin (Art Master – Academy of fine arts of Brera, Milan).

Studio Dan Art Project is specialized in Digital Sculpture and Modelization of Statues, Miniature Figurines, Action Figures and mockup. www.studiodan.net 

Creatoys created Bthemonsters Bennie teddy. Leading toy producer in Italy. Idea Bthemonster.


Bthemonster have protected all pictures/Logo/ Design of Bennie & the brand Bennie! Please contact us before using anything! 

Copyright  2019 ©️All Rights Reserved  Bthemonster di Thomas Brenner P.Iva 025.138.80225


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