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Lights, camera, action! Movieland is dedicated to the world of cinema. Inspired by Universal Studios in the USA, Movieland offers exciting attractions, rides, live musical and dance performances!
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Adrenalin junkies will love the Diabolik Invertigo rollercoaster and the free fall Hollywood Action Tower! Meanwhile, the Horror House provides 600 seconds of sheer terror and will set your heart truly racing! The Knight Rider Kitt Super Jet with two 600 horsepower engines provides an action-packed and thrilling ride through a Hollywood-inspired stunt set! The Wild West, the burlesque Flashdance revival, Gone with the Wind and the Fellini-inspired Italian Cinema are some of the firm family favorites in terms of the live shows!

Movieland Park Highlights:

Rollercoaster and free-fall rides: Diabolik Invertigo, Hollywood Action Tower, Tombraider Machine

Water Rides: Kitt Super Jet

Simulators: U-571 Submarine, Police Academy

Live Performances & Shows: The Wild West Show, Flashdance, Gone with the Wind, Street Artist Show, Italian Cinema, John Rambo Stunt Show

New Attractions: Pangea (Family) and Android (Adventure)