Lake Garda – Monster Bennie Tour


Is there a monster living in the depths of Lake Garda? Bennie is the monster that might live under the island of Garda! 

Search for Bennie the monster the loveable monster from Lake Garda.
The best way to get to know Bennie and Lake Garda? A boat ride!
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Who is Bennie? The term Benacosaurus Lacustris is the monster’s (Legend, Dino, Mascot) “scientific” name, deriving from the Latin name of the lake, Benacus.The official monster of lake Garda. His morphologic characteristics are very similar to those of Loch Ness and Lake Como. People say that all three monsters descend from the same family of prehistoric animals. Judging from the descriptions made by witnesses, it appears that the Benacosaurus Lacustris measures approximately 5 – 10 meters in length, and has a snake-like form. One presumes that the animal lives in the depths of Lake Garda, which is the largest lake in Italy, boasting a maximum depth of 346 meters and a surface area of 368 square kilometers.

He has a big belly, and four large fins, two front, and two back, which make him an excellent swimmer. His skin is shiny and without scales, and he doesn’t have many teeth, because he mostly feeds on algae and small fish. Indeed, until the present, he has never represented any threat to human beings. He has a rather docile character. Does Bennie exist?

The tour departures from Maderno harbor and it will take you around the lake. Some history about the lake and its surroundings will be told, as well as the legend of Bennie. You will enjoy the panoramic view and the sights of the islands. A great way to spend your afternoon!