Canoe Adventure Rio Novella Gorges

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A 3-hour canoe trip through the wild and fascinating gorges of Rio Novella. Canoe on the lake an incredible family adventure.

3.5 km route which runs through the settlements of the Non-Valley
An incredible in a tiny corner of paradise
Suitable for couples and families


Single or Double sit-on-top canoe
Life jacket, hard hat, and paddle
Lunch (1 sandwich and 1 soft drink)
Introductory lesson
English-speaking specialist instructor
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The Novella River Park is a 3.5 km route that runs through the settlements of Cloz, Dambel, and Romallo in the Non-Valley, crossing woodland and breathtaking canyons. The principal role is played by the waterway – vital for both nature and man.

We would urge you to experience this remarkable canoe trip on the lake. You’ll be accompanied on this adventure by an English-speaking specialist instructor, who’ll show you the spectacular Novella gorges formed by the flowing waters in thousands of years.

After a very quick introductory lesson and the distribution of the technical materials, you’ll set off on the journey through the Novella fjords.

This is an incredible but safe experience, in a tiny corner of paradise that few people know about but which is truly impressive. The trip is particularly suitable for couples and families, even those with youngsters (aged over 5).

We recommend that you wear a tee-shirt and shorts or a bathing costume, moccasins, sandals or a spare pair of shoes, and bring along a change of clothing for after the trip, and a bottle of water.