offer nr.2

24,50  19,25 

7 magnets offer.

1 x Bennie and friend.   1 x I love Bennie.

1 x Bennie hunting or.  1 x Bennie and lake garda.

3 x magnets with tekst.

Bthemonster will choose Italien for Italien clients.


Official Bennie product.

the most products are made in Italy.

English for British clients and outside Europe.

Bthemonster choose German for German, austrian clients.

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    offer nr.1

    1 cups. Bennie and friend

    1 Bennie pen – Bthemonster choose colour.

    1 Bennie book – tales of Bennie Nr.1 (Italian Version)

    1 Bennie Magnet – i love Bennie.

  • image

    Lake Garda 3

    Empty wall? need a gift?

    15x20cm pictures from the book! stories of Bennie Nr 1.

    Bennie plays around the corals with his friends.

  • books

    Stories of Bennie N1 (Italian)

    This Version is in Italien.

    The first Bennie Book in the Saga of 4. You can buy it here in Book form and Bthemonster also offer this version in E-Book form. Tell a friend and save 20%.

    From the birth of lake Garda to the Roman Empire.