Stories of Bennie N1 (Italian)


This Version is in Italien.

52 pages, 21 pictures and learn the history of lake Garda.

The first Bennie Book in the Saga of 4. You can buy it here in Book form and Bthemonster also offer this version in E-Book form. Tell a friend and save 20%.

From the birth of lake Garda to the Roman Empire.


A story tells that a monster lives in Lake Garda and, it’s just like that. It’s name is Bennie but, unlike all the other creatures that are usually defined as “monsters”, nobody should be frightened because this example of Benacosaurus Lacustris is really very….lovable. Occasionally you might meet him taking a stroll along the lakeside promenade or sunbathing on the beach; otherwise you might see his long lobated tail sticking out of the water during one of his numerous swims during the day. The Saga “The stories of Bennie” makes children and adult learn about lake garda.


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    15x20cm pictures from the book! stories of Bennie Nr 1.

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    Official lake garda monster product.

    Made in Italy.