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Danmark Radio – Gintberg on the boarder visited Bthemonster.

Act 1. The garage. Act 2. Studio. Act 3. Boat tour to hunt Bennie the lake Garda monster. Go forward to 20 minute and 50 second.

You see Riva del Garda and the Island of Garda.

Bennie the mascot of the lake, and lovable monster of Garda.

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From Germany a group on the trail of Bennie.

After the summer holidays, on the lake the “low season” brings a mysterious and fascinating air. Months in which among the play of light at sunset, the rippling waters and some submerged trunk, the atmosphere becomes really ideal to let oneself be abandoned to the imagination. It is therefore no coincidence that the existence of an elusive “monster” in the depths of Garda (searched last month also by the BBC with the troupe of Jeremy Wade) is the attraction of the season. Buses of tourists from Bavaria are organized to visit places where someone swears they have seen it. Want More

The most famous hunter of freshwater monsters in the world has arrived on the lake, seen and recognized yesterday in several countries of the Brescian Riviera: Jeremy Wade, biologist and extreme fisherman, protagonist of the television program “River monsters” broadcast in the world by Discovery Channel and in Italy by D Max. Perhaps Wade will have more luck than the Italian “colleagues” of Italia Uno, on the Garda in 2012 to realize an episode of “Mystery”. Want More

Hunting for Bennie the monster with Jeremy Wade, BBC star and Discovery Channel ” Hunting for the monster: Jeremy Wade of River Monsters has arrived on Lake Garda” Want More

LAKE GARDA – Jeremy Wade, biologist and extreme fisherman, is on the trail of Bennie. The conductor of River Monsters today is on the lake with the operators of Deep Explorers.

In the afternoon of today, Wednesday 3, the monster fisherman will scan the depths of the Borghese island, off the coast of San Felice del Benaco, to flush out Bennie, the lizard of the most famous Scottish Nessie.

The Garda episode will be broadcast next spring.

Maybe Jeremy will not be able to show Bennie to his audience, but certainly the lake, given the beautiful day today, will do his great figurone figure. Want More

River Monster and the BBC on Lake Garda in search of “Bennie”.

The most famous ” monster ” fisherman in the world between the end of September and the first days of October will be on the biggest lake in Italy to find the legendary monster that is said to live in the caves of the Borghese Island. Want More

The hunter of monsters on Bennie’s footsteps. Want More

A monster lives in Lake Garda, and BBC is looking for him.

The creature has been given a rather unusual name, given the antiquity of the first presumed sightings: Bennie. The crew went to the Ugo Da Como Foundation in order to discover the story behind the monster. There is a large library located there, from the vast archive, which also boasts 400 incunabula and 500 manuscripts, dating back to a period from the twelfth to the fourteenth century. Want More

The author of “Stories of Bennie” Max Leonardo Prandini on to talk about the book. Buy it now in the webshop.

 Hear the show With Allesandra Tertosa.

Click forward. 1 hour 8 min

Many confirm that they have seen Bennie, the monster of Lake Garda that has transformed the tourist resort into a sort of Italian Loch Ness.

Want More.

Thomas’s goal is to make Bennie the mascot of the lake, a reference figure that represents the territory as it happens in Scotland with Loch Ness. «In the last few days I presented the project in the Province of Trento and I would like to do the same with Brescia and Verona».Want More

“I photographed the monster of Garda: big head and two side fins”  Want more.

Lake Garda as Loch Ness? We search for Bennie.  Want More

Bennie’, the monster of Lake Garda, has returned “A dark shadow bigger than a boat”. So the two guys who saw him describe ‘Bennie’ and describe their experience in Brescia Today. Want More

Lake Garda: sight of two “monsters” more than 7 meters long The epic of Bennie, the monster of the Garda, never ends: the Deep Explorers of Toscolano Maderno take a ‘picture’ with the sonar. Frame two giant figures of over 7 meters: they look like fish. Want More

The Nemo of Garda “Bennie, the monster of the lake? We detected a silhouette of eight meters. I do not say anything, but something curious is there » Want More

The “Garda monster mania” broke out. Want More

In Germany all crazy about Bennie.  After a few months of silence, the legend of Bennie, the famous monster of Lake Garda, returns to the head of German TV Zdf. Want More

New sighting of Bennie, the monster of the lake: now there is also photography. Want More

The “monster of Lake Garda” also frightens the Germans. Never sighted an aquatic monster in the water of Lake Garda? Someone, indeed more than one yes. Want More


The sightings of Bennie the monster of Lake Garda continue. 

Is back! Or maybe he had never left and had only hidden in the depths? Want More


A twenty-two year old photographer “the monster” of Lake Garda.  The monster of the lake returns to strike, fascinating those who have always hoped that in the deep waters of the lake could hide a beautiful specimen of Nessie nostrano. Want More

The Nemo of Garda “Bennie, the monster of the lake? We detected a silhouette of eight meters. I do not say anything, but something curious is there » Want More

MYSTERY : The monster of the abysses The Italian Nessie is hidden in Lake Garda … Want More 

The photos published by Angelo Modina on Facebook Last summer the glaring news: “The real monster of the Garda”.  Want More

The mystery of the monster of Lake Garda Everyone has heard of Nessie, the monster of Lochness Lake, but few know that we have a Nessie also Italian and it seems that the monster is hiding right in the largest lake in Italy: Want More

Over the years there have been several testimonies and photos that have been taken on this pseudo monster that, according to different people, should live right in the lake. Want More

A sea monster on Lake Garda: after Mystery and Italy One the testimony of the Deep Explorers ” Hunting for the monster on Lake Garda.  Want More

Monster Tour.

The best way to get to know Bennie and Lake Garda? A boat ride! Harbour of Maderno. 90 Minutes and Drink Included. Next Tour 2020. Date will come soon!

Rapport your Own Bennie sighting !

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