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What is Bennie's Mission

Our Mission . The Lake Garda Monster

Everybody around the world must know about Bennie. Is Bennie, Nessies cousin?  Bennie will teach children and Adults about various important topics. Bennie is more than just a legend, he is the voce, for them who can’t speak out, the Animals & Nature. The best gift for Bthemonster is to Put a big smile on every child in this world.

#Enjoy Respect lake Garda.

Want to collaborate with us?
About Cleaning Up around Lake Garda.


Respect the nature, History, safety in the water and much more! Bennie can be used in many ways. Bthemonster wants to collaborate with schools – camping- Townhall, everybody. Contact us!

Promote Local Business

Promote local businesses around lake Garda. Help the tourist find these places. 

Bthemonster wants to work together with everybody. 

Have a Shop? Become a Bennie reseller.
Want your Shop, Hotel, on the Bthemonster Map. No hidden Cost it’s free?.

We will tell you about Bennie’s progress through the Facebook, Instagram, website. It is possible to help the Next Generation Understand Through Bennie, What’s Wrong With Our Way of Consuming Our Planet. 

Use Bennie as a promoter to tell the world about Lake Garda. Because more people will talk about Lake Garda and more tourist will visit. Bennie is the  most lovable monster in the world.


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