Our Mission

Make Bennie World Famous.

Everybody around the world must know about Bennie. Is Bennie, nessies cousin? First tracks was found in the oldest books in the library. They presume something big is living in these waters. The monster of lake Garda or Dino? the last Benacusaurus Lacustris existing is Bennie, mascot of lake Garda.

#Enjoy Respect lake Garda.

Want to collaborate?

Bennie is more than 500 year old. He is a  monster, legend & mascot of lake garda. Bthemonster have lots to offer. Books,souvenir,  boat tours, Bennie toys… Help us! tell the world, about Bennie the lovable monster of lake Garda.

Use Bennie as a promoter to tell the world, what lake Garda is. A famous Bennie is important! Because more people will talk about this area in the world. Bennie is the coolest, most lovable monster in the world.

The kids have nothing to do? Download drawings, use the map to find places to visit. Maybe a boat tour?, read a book?. From 0,99€ – 7,90€. Bthemonster can help. We are the official website of the monster Bennie. Have fun! On holiday in Italy.

Promote local business around lake Garda. Help the tourist find these places. Bthemonster want to work together with everybody. 

Want to sell official Bennie products.

Contact Bthemonster if you want your shop,hotel, on the Map. For free?.

Use Bennie for teaching: Respect the nature, History, safety in water and much more! Bennie can be used many ways. Bthemonster want to collaborate with schools – camping- Town hall, everybody. Bthemonster/ Bennie is here for you. 

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