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Notte di Fiaba 28/8 - 2/9 - 2019 in Riva del Garda! Sandokan we are there! You ?

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Jeremy Wade is in Search of the Lake Garda monster.

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true story of Bennie .

A story tells that a monster lives in Lake Garda and, actually, it’s just like that. His name is Bennie but, unlike all other creatures that are usually defined as “monsters”, nobody should be frightened because this Benacosaurus Lacustris is really very…. lovable.

Book Nr.1.

The creation of lake garda to the arrival of the Romans. 

Bthemonster books

Maybe you might meet him taking a stroll along the lakeside promenade or sunbathing on the beach; otherwise you might see his long lobated tail sticking out of the water during one of his numerous swims during the day. However don’t take it for granted that you will meet up with him, because the lovable monster is somewhat reserved.

Now and then, Bennie has tried to chat with some of the people who live around the lake…but whoever  that bumped into him has treated him as if he was a terrifying monster: so the lovable monster has decided to stay hidden in the depths of the lake, and only occasionally, if he wants to have a laugh, he enjoys himself by coming out of the water to see peoples reaction.

Everybody remains astonished of his body, which is five metres long and seems to almost belong to an enormous snake, if it wasn’t for his huge round stomach. Bennie moves very quickly between the waves and those who have the luck to observe him, will be amazed at the sight. He has two long barbs that come out of the sides of his mouth. A crest that runs along his head and back. Four large fins that helps him to move quickly in the water, might say “slide”, because his skin doesn’t have scales to make resistance in the water.

Bennie arrived at the lake a long time ago.

The lovable monster can’t really say when. Because monsters have a different perception of time than us.

Bennie, remembers his family very well and above all, if somebody is willing to listen to him, he can explain perfectly why his appearance is so unusual.


Kids! look here.

Located on the slopes of Monte Baldo, in a dominant position compared to the town of Torbole, just 1200 meters. from Lake Garda, the Busatte Park offers everything for those looking for a place away from traffic but easily accessible, spacious and surrounded by nature, with services dedicated to dynamic spirits. To offer the right level of comfort, the Busatte Park has a recently renovated Bar Restaurant where you can calm your thirst and taste delicious dishes. For those who wish it is also possible to relax in the well-shaded picnic areas. The natural context of rare landscape and environmental value, the centuries-old olive trees that surround the area, the panoramic paths that wind through it, the wide lawns always well cared for give a touch of beauty that make “the Busatte” a unique place throughout the territory of Lake Garda. Website Busatte

Parco Natura Viva was opened in 1969. It covers about 40 hectares of land and is a natural zoological garden which is home to some 1.500 specimens belonging to over 250 wild species. Each year the Park is visited by around 40.000 school students, from kindergarten to high school, as well as almost half a million individual visitors.
The Park is divided into two main areas to visit: the Safari Park, in which the visitor stays in his vehicle, and the Fauna Park, which is for pedestrians only. The Park’s predominant activity involves the breeding of wild animal species, in coordination with leading zoological institutions in Europe. This commitment is also enshrined in art.1of Legislative Decree. 73 of 21 March 2005 which lays down rules aimed at enhancing “the role in conserving biodiversity, in order to protect wildlife andpreserve the same biological diversity”.
The usefulness and necessity of a modern zoo was officially defined by the Rio Conference in 1992, where the value of conservation, ex situ integrated with in situ, for the protection of biodiversity was strongly stressed. The outlook of Parco Natura Viva is now the world: in addition to contacts with local and national organizations, a modern zoo must cultivate a dense network of international contacts in order to coordinate the management of animal populations to avoid risks of inter-breeding and to promote initiatives for the reintroduction of endangered species into the wild. Website Parconaturaviva

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