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Book Nr.1.

The Birth of the lake to the arrival of the Romans. 

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true story of Bennie .

A story tells that a monster lives in Lake Garda and, actually, it’s just like that. It’s name is Bennie but, unlike all the other creatures that are usually defined as “monsters”, nobody should be frightened because this example of Benacosaurus Lacustris is really very….lovable.


Occasionally you might meet him taking a stroll along the lakeside promenade or sunbathing on the beach; otherwise you might see his long lobated tail sticking out of the water during one of his numerous swims during the day. However don’t take it for granted that you will meet up with him, because the lovable monster is somewhat reserved.

Every now and then, Bennie has tried to chat with some of the people who live around the lake…but whoever has bumped into him has treated him as if he was a terrifying monster: so the lovable monster has decided to stay hidden away in the depths of the lake, and only occasionally, if he wants to have a laugh, he enjoys himself by coming out of the water to see the reaction of whoever turn it is.

Everybody in fact remains astonished in front of his body, which is five metres long and seems to almost belong to an enormous snake, if it wasn’t for his huge round stomach. Bennie moves very quickly between the waves and whoever should have the time and luck to observe him a little longer longer will be also amazed at the sight of the two long barbs that come out of the sides of his mouth and the crest that runs along his head and back. Four large fins help him to move quickly in the water, you might even say “slide”, seeing that his skin doesn’t have scales to make resistance in the water.

Bennie arrived at the lake a long time ago.

The lovable monster can’t really say when, because monsters have a different perception of time from us.

Bennie, however, remembers his family very well and above all, if somebody is willing to listen to him, he can explain perfectly why his appearance is so unusual.


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