“…I have always had a passion for nature and scuba diving; I live at Maderno where I have a video production studio and work as a video reporter, this has given me the possibility to get to know some of the remotest places on the planet following extreme expeditions, 

or of when I documented a real ritual of the Vudu in Benin and felt a sensation of lightness that made me feel like I was flying: has given me the possibility to get to know some of the remotest places on the planet following extreme expeditions, from Alaska in winter to the Sahara desert in summer, from the exploration of Mongolian rivers to the first Italian kayak descent on the river Zambesi, or in the intricate Congo forests with the Pygmy or in the Grottoes of Chiapas or again with the Indios searching for pyramids buried in the Mexican jungle, other than immersions in Cenote and in the Pacific Ocean of Micronesia and the Philippines searching for shipwrecks and fallen planes from the last war etc. etc.”

This introduction is to make you understand that I have often lived unreal situations that have increased one’s knowledge; not to mention the ecstasy of the Northern lights or the 

emotion of Turegh tales of spirits and apparitions told around a camp fire, one had to struggle with one’s mind to distinguish reality from images of fantasy ( I believe that everything was provoked by the rhythm of the drums of the melodic songs and certainly something hallucinogen was thrown in the fire ) ; or of a magic experiment in Costa Rica, different, dark and distressing ( I believe the setting in a dilapidated house in the forest had a lot to do with it ) but nevertheless I have always searched to find explanations…whilst the abnormality which we found at the bottom of the lake still does not have an answer.

Everything happened in 2012

Everything happened in 2012 when we were working with divers of the Associazione Deep Explorers Onlus during the search of a USA plane which had fallen on the 26th of April ’45 but after having scanned the bottom of the lake in various points at random , with our ROV, a remote-controlled vehicle, equipped with lights, cameras and Sonar, to narrow down the area, we hired a specific tow scanner system, precisely a Side Scan Sonar which is a type of torpedo towed at more than 400metres distance; therefore on the bottom, at 200 metres depth where it is scanning, it doesn’t emit or pick up noise, different to the ROV which is noisy as it uses a motor to move around.


We also saw a curious shape which we defined as an abnormality because it looked like a type of serpent…the images had been accumulated in the centre of the lake between the two banks, of Torri and Isola Borghese.

Out of curiosity we lowered the ROV ( we thought it was a rock or a pile of stones, whatever something solid ) but in the surrounding area there was nothing…only a lake bed of undulated mud (see photo); we then returned several times but without any comeback, however nearby we found some strange holes with a diameter of 40 to 50cm…(see photo) which a biologist described as “active dens”…

Subsequently my friend Armando Bellelli, keen researcher and historian, informed me that already in the 15th Century there had been talk of strange creatures that lived in the lake; in 1550 the historian Bongiani Gratarolo wrote that huge deformed monsters hid under Isola Borghese, 

The typology of the creature, according to Maurizo Mosca, researcher, historian, writer and expert in lacustrine and marine cryptozoology, after having analyzed proof collected from many testimonies concluded that it would be a fish of huge dimensions, superior to the normal standards, maybe a catfish or a sturgeon even though there is reliable proof from an eye witness, an underwater fisherman who found himself face to face with a type of enormous strange eel with a head larger than his… a brief face to face because both took fright and fled in opposite directions.

Translation made by Bthemonster.



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