The lake Garda monster!

One presumes that the animal lives in the depths of Lake Garda, which is the largest lake in Italy, boasting a maximum depth of 346 meters and a surface area of 368 square kilometers.

The lake borders on three regions: Lombardy (province Brescia), Veneto (province Verona) and Trentino Alto Adige (province Trento).

Seen on Danish Tv – German Ztf – Italien MediasetDeep Waters Jeremy Wade. Official website for the monster of lake Garda. #EnjoyRespectlakegarda

Bennie! Says ciao ciao

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Who is Bennie?
His skin is shiny and without scales, and he doesn’t have many teeth, because he mostly feeds on algae and small fish.
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Lake Garda Info.
Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. Popular holiday location located in northern Italy.
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Everybody around the world must know about Bennie. Is Bennie, nessies cousin. Find out. #enjoyrespectlakegarda
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